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The American Choral Directors Association is a national organization of choral musicians dedicated to fostering choral singing that provides artistic, cultural, and spiritual experiences for all participants. These choral experiences span the compass from early scholastic to collegiate choirs; community to professional choirs; and the multitude of choirs in our churches, synagogues, and temples. It is ACDA’s hope that our presence and continued work help nurture choral opportunities wherever they may exist, and provide a network of people, resources, and advocacy to help expand and strengthen the choral community throughout the United States. For more about the history and service of ACDA, please visit here.

In Hawai‘i, the state chapter of ACDA serves as an invaluable resource for the choral community though the sponsorship of workshops, clinics, and membership meetings throughout the year. A major thrust of our efforts is to bring nationally recognized experts in choral music to the islands to work with our directors, choirs, and individual singers to create experiences that nurture a love of choral singing and deepens the ties among us in the choral community in the state.

Values Statement

HI–ACDA values high-quality choral performances, opportunities, and experiences for all. We also endeavor to promote existing Hawaiian choral repertoire and foster the growth of new repertoire from our islands. These values inform the events we produce. Therefore, guest conductors, clinicians, and speakers are encouraged to include appropriate repertoire and topics from the islands whenever possible.


The Hawai‘i chapter of the American Choral Directors Association is a state-run organization that serves a local community of choral musicians in Hawai‘i. We are proud members of a broad, diverse national organization of over 20,000 members.

Hawai‘i Chapter Bylaws (as approved April 3, 2016)
National Bylaws and Constitution (as revised January 2016)

HI–ACDA Executive Committee

Dr. Alec Schumacker, President (2017–19)                    Mr. John Alexander, Secretary (2017–19)
Mr. Zachary Moore, President Elect (2017–19)              Ms. Wanda Gereben, Treasurer (2017–19)
Dr. Miguel Felipe,  
Past/Vice President (2017–19)

Additionally, the Core Group meets monthly to work on various projects. This group includes:                                    

Ms. Julianne Hiu (2016–18)                                         Mr. Justin Kaupu (2016–18)                                  
Mr. Bryce-William Irvine (2017–19)                              Ms. Vanessa Maldonado (2017–19)                                         
Mr. Philip Steinbacher (2016–18)                                 Mr. Jeremy M. Wong

Past Members:

Ms. Susan McCreary Duprey (2014–16)                       Mr. Keane Ishii (2014–16)
Mr. Mark Conching (2014–16)                                      Ms. Naomi Castro (2015-17)
Ms. Mia-Amor Porreca (2016–18)

If you wish to contact a member of our Executive Committee, please use our contact form to send an email and it will be forwarded to the intended person. Thank you.

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